EndNote X8 is Here

EndNote X8 is available for download on Machias. For more information about installing EndNote X8 please phone us at (215) 728-2711 or consult our EndNote Libguide. EndNote is not difficult to install yourself, but it is a two-step process. First, you need to install the installer and then you install the program. If you have an earlier version of EndNote installed please create backup copies of your libraries and then uninstall whatever version you have before installing X8.

Here is what’s new in EndNote X8

  1. Share your library with up to 100 other EndNote desktop users on X7.2 or later; providing teams with immediate real time access to the same set of references, attachments, notes and annotations.
  2. Access the Activity Feed to see what your colleagues are doing in the Shared Library and when new members join.
  3. New, modern, easy to identify icons – identical across both Mac and Windows.
  4. Updated workflows for finding reference updates.
  5. Every X8 library includes a built in Recently Added group which can be customized, allowing users to pick up right where they left off in the research workflow.
  6. Configure Sync option in the Groups pane to simplify desktop activation process.
  7. Utilize unlimited file attachment storage in your online library.
  8. Cite While You Write for Microsoft Word 2016.

We at the library are being trained on some of the new features including the improved sharing features. We will be sharing our knowledge with you.


Staff Publications – December 2016

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Staff Publications-November 2016

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