What’s New Or On The Horizon.

Resource Changes from the NLM:

  • My Bibliography has a new look and different functionality.  Each account used to have My Bibliography and Other Citations, but they have been combined into one collection.  So if you are a PI on a grant, the papers that are associated to that grant, although not written by you, will be listed in your My Bibliography.  When I complained about this, NCBI wrote to say that one will be able to manipulate and filter for tags at some point, but the functionality is not yet available.  Delegates who manage My Bibliography for others must now go into their dashboard to add citations; they can no longer be added directly from the PubMed Search Screen.
  • NIHMS will receive an entire overhaul by Fall 2019.  The current system is the original that was put in place in 2005.  The new NIHMS will have a new user interface with fewer steps.  File uploads will transition to a drag and drop.  It’s supposed to be easier, faster, and speed up the process.
  • Linkout will transition to Outside Tool. Currently, Talbot uses Linkout with PubMed to identify our holdings (the Talbot Online icon).  Before the end of 2019, users will see a Talbot icon on every PubMed citation.  Clicking it will bring you to either the full-text of the article or an interlibrary loan form.   This will hopefully result in faster linking to full-text (yay!).
  • New PubMed! NLM expects to debut a new version of PubMed in September!  It will have a new modern look and new features.  They plan to have both systems in place until January, 2020.  For a peak, go to PubMed Labs

New Journals to be published:

  • Nature Research plans to launch Nature Cancer in January, 2020.  Nature Cancer will publish across the spectrum of the natural, applied and social sciences, from basic pre-clinical studies to translational and clinical work.
  • NEJM Group plans to launch NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery, also in January.  This will be a peer-reviewed bimonthly subscription journal devoted to health care’s urgent problems and practical solutions.  They are saying that it will be a must read journal for everyone involved in leading and delivering health care.

Open Access News: 

“Plan U” Proposal

Scientists Call on Funders to Make Research Freely Available Immediately, “Plan U” (for Universal)

“In a new article in the open-access journal PLOS Biology, Richard Sever and John Inglis from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Mike Eisen from UC Berkeley propose a new solution to these problems, which they call Plan U (for “universal”).

“They call on the organizations that fund research – government agencies such as NIH and charities like the Howard Hughes Medical Institute – to require the scientists they support to post drafts of their papers on free websites called “preprint servers” before submitting them to academic journals.”


The Dark Side of Open Access

The NY Times published an article on April 3, The Price for Predatory Publishing, that described recent judgment brought against Omics International.  The Federal Trade Commission was awarded $50 million against Omics and its owner.  The judge also ordered the company to “cease its deceptive business practices, including failure to disclose fees, misleading authors about the legitimacy of its journals and marketing conferences with star speakers who never agreed to participate.”

New Free Profiling Tool!  H-Index Fans Rejoice!

Clarivate, the folks who bring us Web of Science, have purchased Publons.  Researchers can register at no cost at publons.com and create a professional profile that can be public or private.  The unique thing about this, though, is that it automatically computes and updates the researcher’s H- Index! The easy way to set this up is to register for an account and then upload a file or go to web of science, search for your papers, and use the “export to Publons” feature.

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