Open access publishing

Open access (OA) publishing is a vehicle to provide the widespread dissemination of scientific research. The thinking is that researchers have more access to research since OA publishing places freely available, full-text articles on the internet without barriers to access. However, OA publishing is not without costs. Open Access publishers generally charge authors an article processing fee for publishing the article. Fox Chase’s memberships in OA publishing can save Fox Chase authors money in article-processing fees.

Fox Chase has a Supporter’s Membership in BioMed Central. This allows authors a 15% discount on the article-processing fees on these 207 BMC journals. The average article processing fee is between $1600 and $1700, so there is a savings of around $250 per article. Additionally, this same discount will also apply to Springer Open journals that will start publishing in early 2011, but are currently accepting submissions now. Advantages to publishing with BMC are that articles will be universally and freely accessible on the internet, are immediately deposited into PubMed Central with no further action on your part, and authors retain copyright of the article[s]. Browse to BioMed Central to view a few papers that have recently been published in BMC journals by Fox Chase authors.

We posted information about BMC on the library’s bulletin board and at the reference desk. Gulliver the Turtle, BMC’s mascot, is currently sitting on our reference desk urging authors to “bring research out of its shell”. The next Fox Chase author to publish a paper in BMC will have the opportunity to adopt Gulliver!

Starting in 2011, Fox Chase will have an institutional membership to the Liebert Open Access Option (LOOP) for journals published by Mary Ann Liebert. This will give authors a 50% discount on the $3000 fee to make their articles immediately free online with unrestricted, perpetual access. They will also automatically deposit into PubMed central for manageable NIH compliance.


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