Staff Publications Received in September 2014

Staff Publications Received in September 2014

  1. Anikeeva N, Steblyanko M, Fayngerts S, Kopylova N, Marshall DJ, Powers GD, Sato T, Campbell KS, Sykulev Y. Integrin receptors on tumor cells facilitate NK cell-mediated antibody-dependent cytotoxicity. European Journal of Immunology. 2014;44(8):2331-9. Read the article.
  1. Baker NM, Yee Chow H, Chernoff J, Der CJ. Molecular Pathways: Targeting RAC-p21-Activated Serine-Threonine Kinase Signaling in RAS-Driven Cancers. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. 2014;20(18):4740-6. PMCID: Pmc4166583. Read the article.
  1. Carroll PR, Parsons JK, Andriole G, Bahnson RR, Barocas DA, Catalona WJ, Dahl DM, Davis JW, Epstein JI, Etzioni RB, Giri VN, Hemstreet GP, 3rd, Kawachi MH, Lange PH, Loughlin KR, Lowrance W, Maroni P, Mohler J, Morgan TM, Nadler RB, Poch M, Scales C, Shanefelt TM, Vickers AJ, Wake R, Shead DA, Ho M. Prostate cancer early detection, version 1.2014. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN. 2014;12(9):1211-9. Read the article.
  1. Domanitskaya N, Wangari-Talbot J, Jacobs J, Peiffer E, Mahdaviyeh Y, Paulose C, Malofeeva E, Foster K, Cai KQ, Zhou Y, Egleston B, Hopper-Borge E. Abcc10 status affects mammary tumour growth, metastasis, and docetaxel treatment response. British journal of cancer. 2014;111(4):696-707. Read the article.
  1. Dyer MA, Arvold ND, Chen YH, Pinnell NE, Mitin T, Lee EQ, Hodi FS, Ibrahim N, Weiss SE, Kelly PJ, Floyd SR, Mahadevan A, Alexander BM. The role of whole brain radiation therapy in the management of melanoma brain metastases. Radiation Oncology. 2014;9:9. Read the article.
  1. Hall MJ, Forman AD, Pilarski R, Wiesner G, Giri VN. Gene Panel Testing for Inherited Cancer Risk. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN. 2014;12(9):1339-46. Read the article.
  1. Harris D, Patrick-Miller L, Schwartz L, Lantos J, Daugherty C, Daly M, Andrulis IL, Buys SS, Chung WK, Frost CJ, John EM, Keegan THM, Knight JA, Terry MB, Bradbury AR. Human Subjects Protection: An Event Monitoring Committee for Research Studies of Girls From Breast Cancer Families. Journal of Adolescent Health. 2014;55(3):352-7. Read the article.
  1. Hasan N, Kumar R, Kavuru MS. Lung cancer screening beyond low-dose computed tomography: the role of novel biomarkers. Lung. 2014;192(5):639-48. Read the article.
  1. Heckman CJ, Darlow S, Kloss JD, Cohen-Filipic J, Manne SL, Munshi T, Yaroch AL, Perlis C. Measurement of tanning dependence. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. 2014;28(9):1179-85. Read the article.

10. Held-Warmkessel J, Dell DD. Lactic acidosis in patients with cancer.       Clinical journal of oncology nursing. 2014;18(5):592-4. Read the article.

11. Hu X, Feng Y, Zhang D, Zhao SD, Hu Z, Greshock J, Zhang Y, Yang L, Zhong X, Wang LP, Jean S, Li C, Huang Q, Katsaros D, Montone KT, Tanyi JL, Lu Y, Boyd J, Nathanson KL, Li H, Mills GB, Zhang L. A Functional Genomic Approach Identifies FAL1 as an Oncogenic Long Noncoding RNA that Associates with BMI1 and Represses p21 Expression in Cancer. Cancer cell. 2014;26(3):344-57. PMCID: Pmc4159613. Read the article.

12. Layfield LJ, Ehya H, Filie AC, Hruban RH, Jhala N, Joseph L, Vielh P, Pitman MB. Utilization of ancillary studies in the cytologic diagnosis of biliary and pancreatic lesions: The Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology Guidelines. CytoJournal. 2014;11(Suppl 1):4. PMCID: Pmc4153340. Read the article.

13. Lee S, Goldfinger LE. RLIP76 regulates HIF-1 activity, VEGF expression and secretion in tumor cells, and secretome transactivation of endothelial cells. Faseb Journal. 2014;28(9):4158-68. Read the article.

14. Li X, Zhang D, Yang J, Liu B. A study of the short- to long-phantom dose ratios for CT scanning without table translation. Medical physics. 2014;41(9):091912. Read the article.

15. McAdams F, Martin V. Incorporating breast cancer care data into clinical assessment. Clinical journal of oncology nursing. 2014;18(0):25-6. Read the article.

16. McCleary NJ, Dotan E, Browner I. Refining the Chemotherapy Approach for Older Patients With Colon Cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2014;32(24):2570-80. Read the article.

17. Moul JW, Chen DYT, Trabulsi EJ, Warlick CA, Ruckle HC, Porter JR, Yoshida JS, Adams GW, Kella N, Matsunaga GS, Bans LL, Sarno MJ, McDermed JE, Triebe MT, Reynolds MA, ProsVue Field Experience T. Impact of NADiA ProsVue PSA slope on secondary treatment decisions after radical prostatectomy. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases. 2014;17(3):280-5. Read the article.

18. Murad FM, Banerjee S, Barth BA, Bhat YM, Chauhan SS, Gottlieb KT, Konda V, Maple JT, Pfau P, Pleskow D, Siddiqui UD, Tokar JL, Wang A, Rodriguez SA. Image management systems. Gastrointestinal endoscopy. 2014;79(1):15-22. Read the article.

19. Nikonova AS, Plotnikova OV, Serzhanova V, Efimov A, Bogush I, Cai KQ, Hensley HH, Egleston BL, Klein-Szanto A, Seeger-Nukpezah T, Golemis EA. Nedd9 restrains renal cystogenesis in Pkd1(-/-) mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2014;111(35):12859-64. Read the article.

20. Ragin C, Park JY. Biospecimens, biobanking and global cancer research collaborations. Ecancermedicalscience. 2014;8:454. PMCID: Pmc4154946. Read the article.

21. Raman JD, Lin YK, Kaag M, Atkinson T, Crispen P, Wille M, Smith N, Hockenberry M, Guzzo T, Peyronnet B, Bensalah K, Simhan J, Kutikov A, Cha E, Herman M, Scherr D, Shariat SF, Boorjian SA. High rates of advanced disease, complications, and decline of renal function after radical nephroureterectomy. Urologic oncology. 2014;32(1):47.e9-14. Read the article.

22. Siciliano NA, Hersperger AR, Lacuanan AM, Xu RH, Sidney J, Sette A, Sigal LJ, Eisenlohr LC. Impact of Distinct Poxvirus Infections on the Specificities and Functionalities of CD4(+) T Cell Responses. Journal of Virology. 2014;88(17):10078-91. Read the article.

23. Siddiqui UD, Barth BA, Banerjee S, Bhat YM, Chauhan SS, Gottlieb KT, Konda V, Maple JT, Murad FM, Pfau P, Pleskow D, Tokar JL, Wang A, Rodriguez SA. Devices for the endoscopic treatment of hemorrhoids. Gastrointestinal endoscopy. 2014;79(1):8-14. Read the article.

24. Simhan J, Smaldone MC, Egleston BL, Canter D, Sterious SN, Corcoran AT, Ginzburg S, Uzzo RG, Kutikov A. Nephron-sparing management vs radical nephroureterectomy for low-or moderate-grade, low-stage upper tract urothelial carcinoma. BJU international. 2014;114(2):216-20. Read the article.

25. Singla S, Papavasiliou P, Powers B, Gaughan J, von Mehren M, Watson JC, Farma JM. Challenges in the treatment of angiosarcoma: a single institution experience. American journal of surgery. 2014;208(2):254-9. Read the article.

26. Stump TK, Eghan N, Egleston BL, Hamilton O, Pirollo M, Schwartz JS, Armstrong K, Beck JR, Meropol NJ, Wong YN. Cost concerns of patients with cancer. Journal of oncology practice / American Society of Clinical Oncology. 2013;9(5):251-7. PMCID: Pmc3770507. Read the article.

27. Tomaszewski JJ, Smaldone MC, Cung B, Li T, Mehrazin R, Kutikov A, Canter DJ, Viterbo R, Chen DY, Greenberg RE, Uzzo RG. Internal validation of the renal pelvic score: a novel marker of renal pelvic anatomy that predicts urine leak after partial nephrectomy. Urology. 2014;84(2):351-7. PMCID: Pmc4115009. Read the article.

28. Tomaszewski JJ, Smaldone MC, Mehrazin R, Kocher N, Ito T, Abbosh P, Baber J, Kutikov A, Viterbo R, Chen DY, Canter DJ, Uzzo RG. Anatomic complexity quantitated by nephrometry score is associated with prolonged warm ischemia time during robotic partial nephrectomy. Urology. 2014;84(2):340-4. PMCID: Pmc4114993. Read the article.

29. Wang XY, Wang JM, Zheng H, Xie MY, Hopewell EL, Albrecht RA, Nogusa S, Garcia-Sastre A, Balachandran S, Beg AA. Differential Requirement for the IKK beta/NF-kappa B Signaling Module in Regulating TLR- versus RLR-Induced Type 1 IFN Expression in Dendritic Cells. Journal of Immunology. 2014;193(5):2538-45. Read the article.

30. Xu JF, Kadariya Y, Cheung M, Pei JM, Talarchek J, Sementino E, Tan YF, Menges CW, Cai KQ, Litwin S, Peng HZ, Karar J, Rauscher FJ, Testa JR. Germline Mutation of Bap1 Accelerates Development of Asbestos-Induced Malignant Mesothelioma. Cancer Research. 2014;74(16):4388-97. Read the article.

31. Xu Q, Hanna G, Grimm J, Kubicek G, Pahlajani N, Asbell S, Fan J, Chen Y, LaCouture T. Quantifying rigid and nonrigid motion of liver tumors during stereotactic body radiation therapy. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics. 2014;90(1):94-101. Read the article.

32. Yamoah K, Eldredge-Hindy HB, Zaorsky NG, Palmer JD, Doyle LA, Sendecki JA, Hesney AA, Harper L, Repka M, Showalter TN, Hurwitz MD, Dicker AP, Den RB. Large prostate gland size is not a contraindication to low-dose-rate brachytherapy for prostate adenocarcinoma. Brachytherapy. 2014;13(5):456-64. Read the article.

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Staff Publications Received in August 2014

Staff Publications Received in August 2014

  1. Argiris A, Li S, Ghebremichael M, Egloff AM, Wang L, Forastiere AA, Burtness B, Mehra R. Prognostic significance of human papillomavirus in recurrent or metastatic head and neck cancer: an analysis of Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group trials. Annals of Oncology. 2014;25(7):1410-6. Read the article.
  1. Beeharry N, Banina E, Hittle J, Skobeleva N, Khazak V, Deacon S, Andrake M, Egleston BL, Peterson JR, Astsaturov I, Yen TJ. Re-purposing clinical kinase inhibitors to enhance chemosensitivity by overriding checkpoints. Cell Cycle. 2014;13(14):2172-91. Read the article.
  1. Behrend SW. New guidelines for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. Oncology nursing forum. 2014;41(5):559-60. Read the article.
  1. Benson AB, D’Angelica MI, Abrams TA, Are C, Bloomston PM, Chang DT, Clary BM, Covey AM, Ensminger WD, Iyer R, Kelley RK, Linehan D, Malafa MP, Meranze SG, Park JO, Pawlik T, Posey JA, Scaife C, Schefter T, Sigurdson ER, Tian GG, Vauthey JN, Venook AP, Yen Y, Zhu AX, Hoffmann KG, McMillian NR, Sundar H. Hepatobiliary Cancers, Version 2.2014. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2014;12(8):1152-82. Read the article.
  1. Benson AB, Venook AP, Bekaii-Saab T, Chan E, Chen YJ, Cooper HS, Engstrom PF, Enzinger PC, Fenton MJ, Fuchs CS, Grem JL, Hunt S, Kamel A, Leong LA, Lin E, Messersmith W, Mulcahy MF, Murphy JD, Nurkin S, Rohren E, Ryan DP, Saltz L, Sharma S, Shibata D, Skibber JM, Sofocleous CT, Stoffel EM, Stotsky-Himelfarb E, Willett CG, Gregory KM, Freedman-Cass DA. Colon Cancer, Version 3.2014. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2014;12(7):1028-59. Read the article.
  1. Chera BS, Eisbruch A, Murphy BA, Ridge JA, Gavin P, Reeve BB, Bruner DW, Movsas B. Recommended patient-reported core set of symptoms to measure in head and neck cancer treatment trials. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2014;106(7). Read the article.
  1. Denlinger CS, Ligibel JA, Are M, Baker KS, Demark-Wahnefried W, Dizon D, Friedman DL, Goldman M, Jones L, King A, Ku GH, Kvale E, Langbaum TS, Leonardi-Warren K, McCabe MS, Melisko M, Montoya JG, Mooney K, Morgan MA, Moslehi JJ, O’Connor T, Overholser L, Paskett ED, Peppercorn J, Raza M, Rodriguez MA, Syrjala KL, Urba SG, Wakabayashi MT, Zee P, McMillian NR, Freedman-Cass DA. Survivorship: Immunizations and Prevention of Infections, Version 2.2014. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2014;12(8):1098-111. Read the article.
  1. Denlinger CS, Ligibel JA, Are M, Baker KS, Demark-Wahnefried W, Friedman DL, Goldman M, Jones L, King A, Ku GH, Kvale E, Langbaum TS, Leonardi-Warren K, McCabe MS, Melisko M, Montoya JG, Mooney K, Morgan MA, Moslehi JJ, O’Connor T, Overholser L, Paskett ED, Raza M, Syrjala KL, Urba SG, Wakabayashi MT, Zee P, McMillian NR, Freedman-Cass DA. Survivorship: Cognitive Function, Version 1.2014. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2014;12(7):976-86. Read the article.
  1. Doss M. Radiation dose justification and optimization should not be applied to medical imaging in emergency medicine. [letter] Annals of emergency medicine. 2014;64(3):332-3. Read the article.

10. Esse R, Imbard A, Florindo C, Gupta S, Quinlivan EP, Davids M, Teerlink T, de Almeida IT, Kruger WD, Blom HJ, Castro R. Protein arginine hypomethylation in a mouse model of cystathionine beta-synthase deficiency. Faseb Journal. 2014;28(6):2686-95. Read the article.

11. Evens AM, Smith MR, Lossos IS, Helenowski I, Millenson M, Winter JN, Rosen ST, Gordon LI. Frontline bortezomib and rituximab for the treatment of newly diagnosed high tumour burden indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a multicentre phase II study. British Journal of Haematology. 2014;166(4):514-20. Read the article.

12. Eytan E, Wang K, Miniowitz-Shemtov S, Sitry-Shevah D, Kaisari S, Yen TJ, Liu ST, Hershko A. Disassembly of mitotic checkpoint complexes by the joint action of the AAA-ATPase TRIP13 and p31comet. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2014;111(33):12019-24. Read the article.

13. Fadini GP, Ferraro F, Quaini F, Asahara T, Madeddu P. Concise Review: Diabetes, the Bone Marrow Niche, and Impaired Vascular Regeneration. Stem Cells Translational Medicine. 2014;3(8):949-57. Read the article.

14. Fang CY, Egleston BL, Ridge JA, Lango MN, Bovbjerg DH, Studts JL, Burtness BA, Einarson MB, Klein-Szanto AJP. Psychosocial functioning and vascular endothelial growth factor in patients with head and neck cancer. Head and Neck-Journal for the Sciences and Specialties of the Head and Neck. 2014;36(8):1113-9. Read the article

15. Freedman GM, Fowble BL, Li TY, Hwang ES, Schechter N, Devarajan K, Anderson PR, Sigurdson ER, Goldstein LJ, Bleicher RJ. Risk of Positive Nonsentinel Nodes in Women with 1-2 Positive Sentinel Nodes Related to Age and Molecular Subtype Approximated by Receptor Status. Breast Journal. 2014;20(4):358-63. Read the article.

16. Friedberg JW, Unger JM, Burack WR, Gopal AK, Raju RN, Nademanee AP, Kaminski MS, Li HL, Press OW, Miller TP, Fisher RI. R-CHOP with iodine-131 tositumomab consolidation for advanced stage diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL): SWOG S0433. British Journal of Haematology. 2014;166(3):382-9. Read the article.

 17. Haggerty AF, Hagemann AR, Chu C, Siegelman ES, Rubin SC. Correlation of pelvic magnetic resonance imaging diagnosis with pathology for indeterminate adnexal masses. International journal of gynecological cancer : official journal of the International Gynecological Cancer Society. 2014;24(7):1215-21. Read the article.

18. Heckman CJ, Cohen-Filipic J, Darlow S, Kloss JD, Manne SL, Munshi T. Psychiatric and addictive symptoms of young adult female indoor tanners. American Journal of Health Promotion. 2014;28(3):168-74. Read the article.

19. Held-Warmkessel J. Gemcitabine-associated thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and hemolytic uremic syndrome. Oncology nursing forum. 2014;41(5):551-3. Read the article.

20. Hossain M. Output trends, characteristics, and measurements of three megavoltage radiotherapy linear accelerators. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics. 2014;15(4):137-51. Read the article.

21. Langer CJ, Novello S, Park K, Krzakowski M, Karp DD, Mok T, Benner RJ, Scranton JR, Olszanski AJ, Jassem J. Randomized, phase III trial of first-line figitumumab in combination with paclitaxel and carboplatin versus paclitaxel and carboplatin alone in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. 2014;32(19):2059-66. PMCID: Pmc4067944.

22. Lundy MG, Forman A, Valverde K, Kessler L. An Investigation of Genetic Counselors’ Testing Recommendations: Pedigree Analysis and the Use of Multiplex Breast Cancer Panel Testing. Journal of Genetic Counseling. 2014;23(4):618-32. Read the article.

23. Manne SL, Siegel S, Kashy D, Heckman CJ. Cancer-specific relationship awareness, relationship communication, and intimacy among couples coping with early-stage breast cancer. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. 2014;31(3):314-34. Read the article.

24. Martin JM, Handorf EA, Kutikov A, Uzzo RG, Bekelman JE, Horwitz EM, Smaldone MC. The rise and fall of prostate brachytherapy: use of brachytherapy for the treatment of localized prostate cancer in the National Cancer Data Base. Cancer. 2014;120(14):2114-21. Read the article.

25. Nikonova AS, Gaponova AV, Kudinov AE, Golemis EA. CAS Proteins in Health and Disease: An Update. Iubmb Life. 2014;66(6):387-95. Read the article.

26. Pfeffer LM, Li K, Fleckenstein JF, Marion TN, Diament J, Yang CH, Pfeffer SR, Fan M, Handorf E, Handorf CR. An interferon response gene signature is associated with the therapeutic response of hepatitis C patients. PloS one. 2014;9(8):e104202. PMCID: Pmc4128657. Read the article.

27. Placke T, Faber K, Nonami A, Putwain SL, Salih HR, Heidel FH, Kramer A, Root DE, Barbie DA, Krivtsov AV, Armstrong SA, Hahn WC, Huntly BJ, Sykes SM, Milsom MD, Scholl C, Frohling S. Requirement for CDK6 in MLL-rearranged acute myeloid leukemia. Blood. 2014;124(1):13-23. Read the article.

28. Reis BS, Hoytema van Konijnenburg DP, Grivennikov SI, Mucida D. Transcription Factor T-bet Regulates Intraepithelial Lymphocyte Functional Maturation. Immunity. 2014;41(2):244-56. Read the article.

29. Silver L, Michael JV, Goldfinger LE, Gallo G. Activation of PI3K and R-Ras Signaling Promotes the Extension of Sensory Axons on Inhibitory Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycans. Developmental Neurobiology. 2014;74(9):918-33. Read the article.

30. Tejani MA, Ter Veer A, Milne D, Ottesen R, Bekaii-Saab T, Benson AB, 3rd, Schrag D, Shibata S, Skibber J, Weiser M, Wilkinson N, Cohen SJ. Systemic Therapy for Advanced Appendiceal Adenocarcinoma: An Analysis From the NCCN Oncology Outcomes Database for Colorectal Cancer. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN. 2014;12(8):1123-30. Read the article.

31. Tempero MA, Malafa MP, Behrman SW, Benson AB, Casper ES, Chiorean EG, Chung V, Cohen SJ, Czito B, Engebretson A, Feng M, Hawkins WG, Herman J, Hoffman JP, Ko A, Komanduri M, Koong A, Lowy AM, Ma WW, Merchant NB, Mulvihill SJ, Muscarella P, Nakakura EK, Obando J, Pitman MB, Reddy S, Sasson AR, Thayer SP, Weekes CD, Wolff RA, Wolpin BM, Burns JL, Freedman-Cass DA. Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma, Version 2.2014 Featured Updates to the NCCN Guidelines. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2014;12(8):1083-93. Read the article.

32. Vibhakar D, Reddy S, Morgan-Hazelwood W, Chang EI. Chimeric pedicled latissimus dorsi flap with lateral thoracic lymph nodes for breast reconstruction and lymphedema treatment in a hypercoagulable patient. Plastic and reconstructive surgery. [letter]2014;134(3):494e-5e. Read the article.

33. Vijayvergia N, Mehra R. Clinical challenges in targeting anaplastic lymphoma kinase in advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology. 2014;74(3):437-46. Read the article.

34. Wen KY, Fang CY, Ma GX. Breast cancer experience and survivorship among Asian Americans: a systematic review. Journal of Cancer Survivorship. 2014;8(1):94-107. Read the article.

35. Willis DL, Flaig TW, Hansel DE, Milowsky MI, Grubb RL, Al-Ahmadie HA, Plimack ER, Koppie TM, McConkey DJ, Dinney CP, Hoffman VA, Droller MJ, Messing E, Kamat AM. Micropapillary bladder cancer: Current treatment patterns and review of the literature. Urologic Oncology-Seminars and Original Investigations. 2014;32(6):826-32. Read the article.

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Staff Publications Received in July 2014

Staff Publications Received in July 2014

  1. Boyd J. Genetic predisposition to breast cancer: the next chapters. Cancer. 2014;120(7):932-4. Read the article.

2.         Brusilovsky M, Radinsky O, Yossef R, Campbell KS, Porgador A. Carbohydrate-mediated modulation of NK cell receptor function: structural and functional influences of heparan sulfate moieties expressed on NK cell surface. Frontiers in oncology. 2014;4:185. PMCID: Pmc4100077. Read the article.

  1. Burger RA, Brady MF, Bookman MA, Monk BJ, Walker JL, Homesley HD, Fowler J, Greer BE, Boente M, Fleming GF, Lim PC, Rubin SC, Katsumata N, Liang SX. Risk factors for GI adverse events in a phase III randomized trial of bevacizumab in first-line therapy of advanced ovarian cancer: A Gynecologic Oncology Group Study. Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. 2014;32(12):1210-7. PMCID: Pmc3986384. Read the article.
  1. Cohen SJ, Konski AA, Putnam S, Ball DS, Meyer JE, Yu JQ, Astsaturov I, Marlow C, Dickens A, Cade DN, Meropol NJ. Phase I study of capecitabine combined with radioembolization using yttrium-90 resin microspheres (SIR-Spheres) in patients with advanced cancer. British journal of cancer. 2014;111(2):265-71. PMCID: Pmc4102951. Read the article.
  1. Cole M, Parajuli S, Laske D, Goldstein L, Morrison T, Mukherjee A, Tumelty K, Tetzlaff E, von Mehren M, Inniss S. Peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor of the dura in a 51-year-old woman following intensive treatment for breast cancer. The American journal of case reports. 2014;15:294-9. PMCID: Pmc4102603. Read the article.
  1. Doss M. CT Radiation Dose Optimization Is Not Advisable in View of Current Knowledge. Journal of the American College of Radiology : JACR. 2014;11(7):745-6. Read the article.
  1. Doss M, Egleston BL, Litwin S. Atomic Bomb Survivor Cataract Surgery Prevalence Data are Consistent with Non-zero Threshold Dose-Comment on Article by Nakashima et al. 2013. Health physics. 2014;107(3):262-3. PMCID: Pmc4123214. [Comment]. Read the article.
  1. Doss M, Little MP, Orton CG. Point/Counterpoint: Low-dose radiation is beneficial, not harmful. Medical physics. 2014;41(7):070601. Read the article.

9.  Ettinger DS, Handorf CR, Agulnik M, Bowles DW, Cates JM, Cristea M, Dotan E, Eaton KD, Fidias PM, Gierada D, Gilcrease GW, Godby K, Iyer R, Lenzi R, Phay J, Rashid A, Saltz L, Schwab RB, Shulman LN, Smerage JB, Stevenson MM, Varadhachary GR, Zager JS, Zhen WK, Bergman MA, Freedman-Cass DA. Occult primary, version 3.2014. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN. 2014;12(7):969-74. Read the article.

10. Fang CY, Ross EA, Pathak HB, Godwin AK, Tseng M. Acculturative Stress and Inflammation Among Chinese Immigrant Women. Psychosomatic Medicine. 2014;76(5):320-6. Read the article.

11. Fleisher L, Ruggieri DG, Miller SM, Manne S, Albrecht T, Buzaglo J, Collins MA, Katz M, Kinzy TG, Liu T, Manning C, Charap ES, Millard J, Miller DM, Poole D, Raivitch S, Roach N, Ross EA, Meropol NJ. Application of best practice approaches for designing decision support tools: The preparatory education about clinical trials (PRE-ACT) study. Patient Education and Counseling. 2014;96(1):63-71. Read the article.

12.       Halliday D, Butler R, Francis D, Thompson J, Joseph M, Ragin CC. Knowledge and Attitudes toward HPV and the HPV Vaccines in The Bahamas. The West Indian medical journal. 2013;62(8):731-7. Read the article.

13. Hensley H, Devarajan K, Johnson JR, Piwnica-Worms D, Godwin AK, von Mehren M, Rink L. Evaluating new therapies in gastrointestinal stromal tumor using in vivo molecular optical imaging. Cancer Biology & Therapy. 2014;15(7):911-8. Read the article.

14.       Herrera AF, Crosby-Thompson A, Friedberg JW, Abel GA, Czuczman MS, Gordon LI, Kaminski MS, Millenson MM, Nademanee AP, Niland JC, Rodig SJ, Rodriguez MA, Zelenetz AD, LaCasce AS. Comparison of Referring and Final Pathology for Patients With T-Cell Lymphoma in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. Cancer. 2014;120(13):1993-9. Read the article.

15.       Hu W, Kaminski R, Yang F, Zhang Y, Cosentino L, Li F, Luo B, Alvarez-Carbonell D, Garcia-Mesa Y, Karn J, Mo X, Khalili K. RNA-directed gene editing specifically eradicates latent and prevents new HIV-1 infection. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2014;111(31):11461-6. Read the article.

16.       Hurwitz MD, Ghanouni P, Kanaev SV, Iozeffi D, Gianfelice D, Fennessy FM, Kuten A, Meyer JE, LeBlang SD, Roberts A, Choi J, Larner JM, Napoli A, Turkevich VG, Inbar Y, Tempany CM, Pfeffer RM. Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound for patients with painful bone metastases: phase III trial results. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2014;106(5). PMCID: Pmc4112926. Read the article.

17. Lodhi N, Kossenkov AV, Tulin AV. Bookmarking promoters in mitotic chromatin: poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase-1 as an epigenetic mark. Nucleic Acids Research. 2014;42(11):7028-38. Read the article.

18. Longacre ML, Ross EA, Fang CY. Caregiving Choice and Emotional Stress Among Cancer Caregivers. Western Journal of Nursing Research. 2014;36(6):806-24. Read the article.

19. Mantia-Smaldone G, Ronner L, Blair A, Gamerman V, Morse C, Orsulic S, Rubin S, Gimotty P, Adams S. The immunomodulatory effects of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin are amplified in BRCA1–deficient ovarian tumors and can be exploited to improve treatment response in a mouse model. Gynecologic oncology. 2014;133(3):584-90. Read the article.

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21. Meyer JE, Panico VJ, Marconato HM, Sherr DL, Christos P, Pirog EC. HIV positivity but not HPV/p16 status is associated with higher recurrence rate in anal cancer. Journal of gastrointestinal cancer. 2013;44(4):450-5. PMCID: Pmc3963822. Read the article.

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Staff Publications Received in June 2014

Staff Publications Received in June 2014

1.         Behrend SW. Survivorship care plans. Oncology nursing forum, 41(4):447-8, 2014. Read the article.

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5.         Carlson RW, Larsen JK, McClure J, Fitzgerald L, Venook AP, Benson AB, Anderson BO. International Adaptations of NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology. J Natl Compr Cancer Netw, 12(5):643-8, 2014. Read the article.

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Staff Publications Received in May 2014

 Staff Publications Received in May 2014

1.         Angevin E, Tabernero J, Elez E, Cohen SJ, Bahleda R, van Laethem JL, Ottensmeier C, Lopez-Martin JA, Clive S, Joly F, Ray-Coquard I, Dirix L, Machiels JP, Steven N, Reddy M, Hall B, Puchalski TA, Bandekar R, de Velde HV, Tromp B, Vermeulen J, Kurzrock R. A Phase I/II, Multiple-Dose, Dose-Escalation Study of Siltuximab, an Anti-Interleukin-6 Monoclonal Antibody, in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors. Clin Cancer Res, 20(8):2192-204, 2014. Read the article.

2.         Arrangoiz R, Galloway TJ, Papavasiliou P, Ridge JA, Lango MN. Metastatic cervical carcinoma from an unknown primary: Literature review. Ear, nose, & throat journal, 93(4-5):E1-e10, 2014. Read the article.

3.         Bagshaw H, Ruth K, Horwitz EM, Chen DYT, Buyyounouski MK. Does family history of prostate cancer affect outcomes following radiotherapy? Radiother Oncol, 110(2):229-34, 2014. Read the article.

4.         Burtness B, Ilson D, Iqbal S. New directions in perioperative management of locally advanced esophagogastric cancer. American Society of Clinical Oncology educational book / ASCO American Society of Clinical Oncology Meeting, 34:e172-8, 2014. Read the article.

5.         Chang BL, Hughes L, Chen DYT, Gross L, Ruth K, Giri VN. Validation of association of genetic variants at 10q with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels in men at high risk for prostate cancer. BJU Int, 113(5B):E150-E6, 2014. Read the article.

6.         Chibani O, Ma C-M. HDRMC, an accelerated Monte Carlo dose calculator for high dose rate brachytherapy with CT-compatible applicators. Medical physics, 41(5):051712, 2014. Read the article.

7.         de Bono JS, Piulats JM, Pandha HS, Petrylak DP, Saad F, Aparicio LMA, Sandhu SK, Fong P, Gillessen S, Hudes GR, Wang T, Scranton J, Pollak MN. Phase II Randomized Study of Figitumumab plus Docetaxel and Docetaxel Alone with Crossover for Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer. Clin Cancer Res, 20(7):1925-34, 2014. Read the article.

8.         Denlinger C, Langbaum TS. Optimizing surveillance and balancing evidence with patient expectations. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN, 12(5 Suppl):781-4, 2014. Read the article. Read the article.

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10.        Feinstein E, Kaliki S, Shields CL, Ehya H, Shields JA. Choroidal metastasis from leiomyosarcoma in two cases. Oman journal of ophthalmology, 7(1):19-21, 2014. Pmc4008894. Read the article.

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Staff Publications Received in April 2014

Staff Publications Received in April, 2014

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Staff Publications Received in March 2014

Staff Publications Received in March 2014

1.       Bleicher RJ, Topham NS, Morrow M. Reply to letter: “Anaplastic large cell lymphomas and breast implants”. Annals of surgery, 259(1):e5, 2014. [Letter]. Read the article.

2.       Budina-Kolomets A, Balaburski GM, Bondar A, Beeharry N, Yen T, Murphy ME. Comparison of the activity of three different HSP70 inhibitors on apoptosis, cell cycle arrest, autophagy inhibition, and HSP90 inhibition. Cancer Biology & Therapy, 15(2):194-9, 2014. Read the article.

3.       Doss M. Conclusion of Increased Risk of Cataracts Associated With CT Studies of the Head May Not Be Justified. AJR American journal of roentgenology, 202(4):W413, 2014. [Letter]. Read the article.

4.       Doss M. No Increased Risk of Cancer From CT. AJR American journal of roentgenology, 202(4):W410, 2014. [Letter]. Read the article.

5.       Doss M. Radiation doses from radiological imaging do not increase the risk of cancer. The British journal of radiology, 87(1036):20140085, 2014. [Letter]. Read the article.

6.       Doss M. Adoption of linear no-threshold model violated basic scientific principles and was harmful. Archives of Toxicology, 88(3):849-52, 2014. [Letter]. Read the article.

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9.       Giersch K, Helbig M, Volz T, Allweiss L, Mancke LV, Lohse AW, Polywka S, Pollok JM, Petersen J, Taylor J, Dandri M, Lutgehetmann M. Persistent hepatitis D virus mono-infection in humanized mice is efficiently converted by hepatitis B virus to a productive co-infection. Journal of Hepatology, 60(3):538-44, 2014. Read the article.

10.     Ginzburg S, Kutikov A. Does every second really count when it comes to renal ischemia during nephron sparing surgery? Canadian Journal of Urology, 21(1):7134, 2014. [Editorial]. Read the article.

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